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After School Clubs

Every day students are invited to attend Breakfast Club between 8am and 8.30am. All breakfast food is provided free of charge.

During break and lunch students are able to practice Basketball in the Sports Hall.

The Learning Resource Centre is open before school, at break and lunch and after school for students to access IT equipment, books and a quite space to study. A formal homework club runs from 3.10pm to 4.00pm daily.

The Academy runs a number of clubs after school; click on the document to see the activities planned for Term 3 2016 – Enrichment Programme for Term 3 – Jan & Feb 2016

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  1. Hi
    I’d like to know how enrollment for the clubs work. Are they drop-in sessions or is it necessary to book a place? If so, is this week-by-week or termly?

    • Hi Joy

      Students sign up for some and drop in for others. If your child is unsure which it is for any club they should discuss with their tutor in the first instance. Most clubs run termly at least.

      Kind Regards

      Miss Friday

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