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Safety and Welfare

On this page, you can find details about some organisations and charities that support young people, whatever your concerns.

Childline is a counselling service for children.  You can call or email Childline about anything that’s worrying you – no problem is too big or too small.  Their telephone number is 0800 1111.

CEOPS stands for Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, and is the police organisation responsible for the safety of children online

FRANK offers friendly, confidential drugs advice, whether you have concerns about yourself, or about a friend

Cyber Mentors is all about young people helping and supporting each other online. If you have any concerns about being bullied online, Cyber Mentors give you the opportunity to speak to people your own age for advice and support.

Brook provide help, guidance, support and other services to anyone under the age of 25 in the area of sexual health. They are available to speak to in the Academy in person, or via their website.

Young Carers are an organsation that help and support young people who have to look after someone in their family who has an illness, disability, drug/alcohol addiction or mental health condition

Connexions Career Guidance provide information, advice and guidance on routes forward through education, training and employment.  They can also be accessed in person through the Academy.

RD4U – For young people who have been affected by a death

B-EAT – Beating Eating Disorders provide information and support for those suffering or at risk of suffering from eating disorders

Youth helpline
0845 634 7650

Youth Access provide advice, information and counselling for young people

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  1. I wanted to know if it’s possible to apply for admission or would I have to collect an application form from student reception?

    • Hi

      If you are wishing to apply for Year 7 Sept 2014 please do so via your local authority schools admissions team – you can usually do this online. If you wish to apply to join any other year group please contact reception for an application form.

      Kind Regards

      Miss Friday

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