High standards, high expectations, high aspirations



Percentage of students achieving  Basic (A*-C in English & Maths) 52%
Progress 8 0.38
Attainment 8 49.91
Percentage of students achieving EBACC 26%
Percentage of students achieving A*-C in English 66%
Percentage of students achieving A*-C in Maths 66%

Previous years results


Percentage of students achieving  5 GCSEs at grade A* – C 56.7%
Percentage of students achieving 5 GCSEs at grade A* – C including English and Maths 47.4%
Percentage of students achieving at least one A* – G 100%
Percentage of students achieving  A* – C in English 58.3%
Percentage of students achieving A* – C in Maths 61.5%
Percentage of students achieving at least one A*/A grade 36.1%
Percentage of students achieving 3+ levels of progress in English 67.9%
Percentage of students achieving 3+ levels of progress in maths 73.2%


Bristol Metropolitan Academy has smashed all previous records with this year’s GCSE results. Students have made unprecedented and unrivalled progress across the board, with exceptional progress in English and maths in particular between leaving Primary school and leaving Secondary school. In English, 97% students made expected progress or better, against a previous national average of 70%. In maths the figure was 87%. In many cases students have demonstrated rapid progress, and in some cases students have progressed by six levels – double the rate progress expected nationally.

GCSE 2014 (8) GCSE 2014 (19)  GCSE 2014 (58)

Sally Apps, Principal, said: “We are extremely proud of all our students and in particular those celebrating GCSE results this year. Their exceptional achievements are proof that, regardless of the expectations of others, if you believe in yourself and commit to working hard, you can achieve. According to government estimates, this cohort should have achieved around 30% A*-C grades including English and maths; instead, more than half of the cohort have gained this golden ticket and an even greater number have beaten their targets. This is testament to the tenacity of our students, their parents and carers, their teachers and the other adults who have supported them. These are results that our whole community can and should be proud of. They are thoroughly deserved.”

Having recently received national recognition for the progress made by students, Bristol Met is fast becoming synonymous with excellent outcomes for all. Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of the Specialist Schools and Academies trust said:

‘Bristol Metropolitan Academy should be congratulated for their exceptional achievement. They have proved themselves to be leading the field in improving GCSE outcomes for their students.’

Former Principal Steve Taylor, now Executive Principal of the Cabot Learning Federation said: “I remember seeing these young people arrive in 2009 as Bristol Metropolitan Academy’s first ever Year 7 cohort. The extraordinary progress these students have made is testament to five years of consistent hard work, great learning and excellent teaching. I couldn’t be more pleased for them and for all associated with the Academy.”

Bristol Met opened in 2009, was the most improved school in the country in 2010 and was ajudged to be ‘Good’ by Ofsted in 2012. Their improvement trajectory has continued since 2012, with 2014 seeing the best results in the school’s history.


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