High standards, high expectations, high aspirations

Years 7 and 8 Expressive Arts

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At BMA in Expressive Arts you will achieve above and beyond your expectations!

Expressive Arts lessons are mainly practical, working in drama, dance and physical theatre.

You will get involved in creating, performing and appreciating (making up ideas/showing them/2*and a wish!).

Remember everyone has something to offer and everyone will be made to feel comfortable in Expressive Arts

You will enjoy one single lesson a week.

You will work in bare feet, without blazers or jewellery with hair tied back.
It is advisable to wear trousers on days when you have Expressive Arts.

You will be expected to research and reflect on class work at home and complete one Expressive Arts Project each year for homework.

At the end of September you will be asked to show your skills in a series of activities and you will be given a level.
Throughout the year your level will be adjusted according to the progress you are making. You will be given ideas about how to improve from your teacher and other students.

You will be encouraged to improve your literacy and numeracy skills too.

We run a variety of Enrichment sessions; these activities  may run in special enrichment lesson times or after school.

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