High standards, high expectations, high aspirations

About our Academy

About our Academy

Bristol Metropolitan Academy is a place where:

High Standards, High Aspirations, High Expectations

  • every child matters
  • high levels of attendance, punctuality and behaviour are the norm
  • there are core values and clear and easy rules for everyone to follow
  • we all work hard and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence
  • there are no excuses for underperformance; we have high expectations of everything we do
  • we achieve results at least in line with the best schools and Academies in the country
  • there is a healthy spirit of competition
  • important people visit to see our work and learn from us


Learning-centred, Student-centred

  • learning is at the centre of everything we undertake
  • learning is focussed on developing the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes we need now and in the future
  • there is recognition that everyone wants to learn – it is a basic human need.
  • learning is personalised for the individual
  • learning is fun, exciting and interactive
  • we can learn new skills and follow courses that offer a personal challenge
  • there is a flexible timetable which allows scope for student choice, practical learning and intensive and larger activities.
  • learning opportunities are also available off-site


Friends together

  • it is calm, safe and friendly
  • we are noticed, respected, cared for and heard
  • people are happy, have fun and want to be here; there are bursts of laughter
  • there are equal opportunities for all
  • we are inclusive and feel valued


A pride in Community

  • there is open, honest and frequent communication
  • different cultures co-exist; we respect and understand ourselves, each other and our environment
  • we have a positive attitude and are all good ambassadors for the Academy
  • we contribute to the success of the whole Academy and have the courage to be different
  • everyone can take pride in the Academy, the achievements of those who learn and work there and its high-quality environment
  • we host community events and have a good relationship and positive image within the community
  • we can get a decent lunch and there is opportunity to sample and celebrate the food from other cultures

Ours is a vibrant and dynamic community and the pride we have in our identity and the new opportunities available are shaping the high aspirations we have for the future.

In preparing for the opening of the Academy, a number of crucial appointments have been made, considerably increasing capacity. Teaching groups at Bristol Met are small and the organisation of students into Learning Families has meant that the ratio of staff to students is no more than 1:10.

Of course seeing is believing: please take the opportunity to come in and visit the Academy on one of the dates below, see the work being done and talk to staff about the exciting new possibilities we have at Bristol Met. To ask any questions, speak to the Principal, Steve Taylor, or book a morning tour please contact us on info@bristolmet.net or 0117 377 2071.