High standards, high expectations, high aspirations

Student Voice

The Academy is very keen to learn from our students’ experiences and regularly convene groups of students to help us to develop the way we do things.  Student groups have lead on a wide variety of projects from the routine to the more demanding; answering questions such as:

  • Our Scooter policy
  • How can we help young people to stay safe, in school, at home and online?
  • What does good Learning and Teaching look like?
  • How can we share excellence across the federation?

Students routinely get involved in celebrating their cultures through festivals such as our Holi festival and the Eid celebrations in September and it is they who have lead and organised many aspects of these events.

Ms. Kathryn Shaw leads on student voice in the Academy.  If you or your child has an issue you think we may be able to challenge and develop please let her know by telephoning the school on 0117 377 2071 or sending an email to info@bristolmet.net.

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