High standards, high expectations, high aspirations

Parent contacts

Bristol Metropolitan Academy works in a supportive partnership with all parents and carers to ensure the best possible opportunities for students. The Academy operates a comprehensive and wide ranging system of parent’s evenings and open days. Parents are positively encouraged to contact the school with any comments or concerns, and staff will respond to correspondence promptly.

Who should you contact?

Updating information, for example new address / phone number:

Email info@bristolmet.net or send a letter of confirmation to our address: Bristol Metropolitan Academy, Snowdon Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2HD

Absence – your child is away from school:

Phone the Academy absence line on 0117 377 2071, Option 1. Please leave the name of your child, and year group, with reason for absence, and a contact number.

Informing us about difficulties at home/elsewhere that may impact on school work:

Contact your child’s tutor via the main Academy number: 0117 377 2071 or info@bristolmet.net with child’s name and Learning Family/ name of tutor clearly stated.

Absence / Holiday request:

Contact Reception on 0117 377 2071, email info@bristolmet.net or drop in to Reception to collect and complete a
holiday request form. Requests should be made at least two weeks before any planned absence.

The Academy only authorises absence for holidays in exceptional circumstances.

Click here for a copy of the form.

Feedback on student progress:

Contact your child’s tutor via the main Academy number: 0117 377 2071 or info@bristolmet.net with child’s name and Learning Family/ name of tutor clearly stated.

Raising a concern about your child:

Contact your child’s tutor via the main Academy number: 0117 377 2071 or info@bristolmet.net with child’s name and Learning Family/ name of tutor clearly stated. If you need to contact someone urgently, please ask for the Head of House or Assistant Head of House for your child’s House.

Special Educational Needs:

Contact the SENCO, Mansukh Mann, via the main Academy number: 0117 377 2071 or info@bristolmet.net with child’s name and year group clearly stated.

Feedback to the Academy:

Email info@bristolmet.net or send a letter to our address: Bristol Metropolitan Academy, Snowdon Road, Fishponds,
Bristol BS16 2HD. Please mark all correspondence for the attention of Rachel Friday, PA to the Principal.

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