High standards, high expectations, high aspirations

Student Support Base (SSB)

The Student support Base is an area within the school that concentrates on the personal development of young people

Our Aim

 To work in conjunction with the rest of the school.

  • To be both resourceful and adaptable.
  • To promote a positive and inclusive environment.
  • To give all pupils somewhere to go in times of need.
  • Give pupils strategies to cope both in and out of school

The Student Support Base has several levels of support.

  • Individual, one to one time.
  • One lesson a week Group work.
  • ART (aggression replacement training)
  •  Hillfields youth project   (Smiles for the Future)
  •  Outside Agency work i.e. BDP, Gang Awareness.

Students can work on different kinds of skills and strategies that will encourage self confidence and a more positive approach to the benefits of their education. When in SSB students can work on the following areas,

  • Anger Management.
  • Building Confidence.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Working with others
  • Behaviour management.

This is achieved by students attending courses that we have developed,

Group work includes

Social Skills

An 8 lesson course aimed at improving the skills that young people need to be able to develop friendships, keep friendships, and behave appropriately in class, around the school and in the local community. The course will allow young people to identify strategies to cope in all social situations and give them the confidence to do so.

Get it Right

A short course of 5 lessons aimed primarily at years 7 and 8 but can be accessed by all year groups. The course will enable students to gain the skills necessary to be able to conduct themselves appropriately both around the school and in lessons. The course will contain self assessment sheets to be completed at the beginning and end of the course to enable us to show progress.

Anger Management

An 8 lesson course aimed at all year groups to work on, with the aim being to provide young people with the skills and strategies to reduce the amount of confrontational and anger outbursts.


A seven lesson course aimed at understanding racism and how it operates in our society. Over the lessons the course will challenge white young people’s stereotypes, myths and prejudices and address the experiences that black young people have had in their communities.

Confidence, Assertiveness and Self Esteem

CAS is a 12 lesson course aimed at all year groups. The course has been designed to increase self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness. CAS can either be delivered over 2 terms or one term twice a week. Ideally the groups using the course should be of mixed gender, but the course can work equally as well with the same gender.

Aggression Replacement Training

Aggression Replacement Training ART is a group work programme for young people and adults who resort to aggressive behavior in situations they find difficult. It is important to note that anger is not always the emotion that triggers aggressive behavior; it can often be when a person feels hurt or embarrassed.


Smiles for the Future is a project run every Wednesday morning at Hillfields Youth Centre. It is run by two Learning Mentors and the group consists of up to eight young people who attend Bristol Metropolitan Academy. The project was set up for some of our most vulnerable and challenging pupils. It is a valuable out of school resource, giving the young people who attend the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of ways; these include preparing and making breakfast for each other, group and individual speaking, circuit training, basketball, football IT, playing pool together and organising community events. This has given the young people the chance to work and socialise with other pupils they might not normally socialise with.

Smiles for the Future has helped to develop the young peoples confidence in coming up with and expressing some fantastic ideas both individually and in groups. Previously the young people have:

  • Organised fundraising and gained sponsorship to provide the local nursery with Smiles for the Future t-shirts at Christmas.
  • Organised and undertaken a community clean up along side the community Police.
  • Interviewed local residents at Hillfields Library to gain information about the history of Hillfields, resulting in the pupils gaining knowledge of how the community grew and developed.
  • Planted trees in the recreational field adjacent to Hillfields Youth Centre in conjunction with Bristol City Council.
  • Carol Concerts for the local community.

This year the group decided that they would like to set up and organise a 5-a-side football tournament involving the local primary schools.

Garden Club

Students are encouraged to develop and use skills working as a team member on our school garden. This has been designed by students and is currently in the process of being developed.


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