High standards, high expectations, high aspirations

External agencies

Bristol Metropolitan Academy works closely with professionals in other fields to provide our students and parents with access to information and support.


We have a school nurse (Allyson Johnston) who holds a drop-in session for students during one lunchtime each week. Students can self refer and they can ask for information and advice by emailing schoolnurse@bristolmet.net.

Parents can talk to the school nurse about any concerns regarding their child’s health and they can contribute to the care plan that is put in place for any student who has medical needs.

Our school nurse is involved with vaccination programmes such as the HPV vaccination. She supports the academy and parents with information about this intervention and she leads a team of nurses who carry administer the vaccinations in school.

Social Services

The academy works with students and families who find that they need support from social services. We can help in the referral process and we will provide the educational contribution to any support plan.

Young Carers

Our students may also be carers for parents or siblings with medical conditions. We work with the young carers organisation to ensure that these young people get the support that they need. This may be in the form of respite holidays, out of school activities or just having an opportunity to talk to someone to voice their concerns.

School Counsellor

Our school counsellor is in school for one day a week. Students can ask to be referred to her or self refer. She offers a completely confidential service (unless there are safeguarding concerns) and many of our students have found this service particularly helpful at times of stress or bereavement.

The Brook Outreach Team

This team (a nurse and a youth worker) holds a drop in session during one lunchtime each week. They are also able to see students by appointment. The focus of their work is sex and relationship education. Young people can talk in confidence unless there is a safeguarding concern which is always passed on to the child protectio0n officer.

Alcohol and substance abuse counsellor

This counsellor is in school for one day a week and will also meet students by appointment. The focus of her work is to offer information and advice to our students. This may be regarding their own lifestyles or those of family and friends for whom they are concerned.

Parenting Support

A whole raft of support services is available for parents. This includes: targeted support to meet the needs of families who may be facing additional difficulties, specialist support for families and children with specific needs and information and advice for all parents.  There are also a number of different parenting programmes and courses, opportunities for parents to get involved and have a say and resources to help parents do a good job.

Information is provided by the Parent Support Team and is held in three documents (Support for Parents Directory, Support Provider Directory, Parenting Leads Directory) that can be downloaded from the CYPS website at:


For other parenting support services including support groups go to:



Parents can also enquire at school about the different services available.

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