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Department of Education – Headteachers’ responsibilities:

Headteachers are responsible for ensuring that they send a written report to parents on their child’s achievements at least once during the school year. The Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations and Amendments prescribe the minimum content of pupils’ reports. Schools may issue more than one report, provided that the minimum information is sent to parents by the end of the summer term.

At Bristol Metropolitan Academy we regularly ask our teachers for updates on students’ progress, this enables us to apply strategies that help each student make the maximum progress. We believe that if this data is available why not give it to our parents, therefore you will receive at least 3 reports during this academic year.

Types of report:

Baseline report – This will include; KS2 results, CATs test results and baseline test results from subjects that they didn’t do in primary school. These are provided at the end of Term 1.

Progress report – Update on your child’s progress including; subject grade/level, targets, attendance, punctuality and behaviour. These are provided before each Parents Evening (Subject and Tutor).

Full reports – Includes same information as the progress report, plus a comments on your child’s progress in each subjects, these will highlight strengths and development needs. These are provided in Term 4 for Year 11 and Term 6 for all other year groups.

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