High standards, high expectations, high aspirations


The Physical education department has for many years now been proud of its success in promoting a positive impression of PE for all and for its success in extra curricular sport.

Our philosophy is that PE is a subject to enjoy – we want every student to develop a good understanding of sport and to develop the skills and confidence in a wide range of activities that will enable them to join out of school clubs to help them develop a positive use of their leisure time and encourage a lifelong interest in an active lifestyle

We are keen in promoting ‘Sport for All’ and are proud that as well as offering a good range of curriculum time activities we offer, as well as, the usual range of after school clubs and teams such as Football, Basketball, Badminton, Netball ,Rugby , Cricket , Cross Country, Rounder’s etc we have also offered other clubs ranging from Archery, Cycling, Parkour ( Free running ) Fencing , Swimming, Canoeing , Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee , Cheerleading, Horse Riding etc to ensure that hopefully there is something to interest everyone We have also run a very successful `Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme` which has proved very popular with the students

We are also very keen to promote `Sport for Excellence`and enter the Sainsbury School Games Level 2 Competitions as often as possible. In the last 12 years been Bristol champions over 50 times in 6 different sports – Rugby, Basketball , Football, Cross Country , Cricket and Athletics
Our basketball teams play at a national level every year and have in the last few years reached 3 national semi finals and 1 final (unfortunately losing by just 1 point).

We are also proud that over 60 – 70 % of our students represent the school or get involved in out of school activities and clubs and continually display very positive attitudes in promoting fair play and sportsmanship.

We offer BTEC Sport courses from year 9 and are students have produced some excellent results over the years and we are looking to extend the range of PE opportunities we offer at the school

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