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Image-1 (1)Image12The Art Department here at Bristol Metropolitan Academy is a well-loved area of the school with its own Art Library and Kiln Room. Resources are well equipped for 2D and 3D projects including Digital Photography. Staff and students alike have a continued and ever growing enthusiasm for creativity, which is explored through a range of exciting projects. There are three Art teachers, Mrs Davidson, Mrs Murtagh, Ms Norman and a specialist Art Technician, Miss Hatty Antink.

Key Stage 3

All students study Art during year 7 and 8 and have one Art lesson per week. During the academic year students will carry out a range of projects under the umbrella theme of, The Visual Elements. The carefully planned and resourced projects allow students to fulfill all aspects of the Art & Design National Curriculum and above all, provide students with confidence and expertise in the subject.

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Key Stage 4

For students entering year 9, Art becomes an optional subject. The Art Department offer two different courses, allowing students to specialise their skills and follow their particular interests. GCSE Art & Design is a popular choice for students who enjoy drawing and painting. GCSE Photography is a fantastic option for those students whose creativity take a more digital route. The Photography course is very well resourced, boasting 10 digital SLR cameras, lighting equipment and specialist printers. Both GCSE Art & Design and GCSE Photography are 3 year courses which allow students to develop and expand their knowledge as well as prepare them for Art & Design courses at A-Level, college or apprenticeships.


Extra-curricular activities

There are two after school Art Clubs which runs every Monday & Tuesday 3:00 – 4:00 and welcome students from all year groups. During Intensive Week, Art often features as a popular activity and is an excellent opportunity for students to take on stimulating new challenges and work in a range of media.

Art Trips

Students who opt to study GCSE Art in year 9 onward are provided with exciting and varied trips to support their learning and inspire ideas for personal research and artistic outcomes. Trips to date include visits to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, Lacock Abbey, an open-top bus tour to Weston-Super-Mare, Slimbridge Wetland Center, The New Arts Center in Salisbury and and London gallery visits.

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Student work is displayed and updated regularly around school as we ll as in the Art classrooms for visitors, teachers and students to enjoy. In the main hall you will find the “Wall of Frames” which is a huge installation of artwork from students across all age groups and abilities. The Art Department has also put on public exhibitions at DAC Beachcroft, the Kingfisher Cafe and Bristol Brunel Academy’s Frame Gallery. The Art Department also takes part in the annual exhibition at Bristol Cathedral alongside 20 other local schools.

image1Wall of Framesimage1


For students in Years 7, 8 and 9 there is one piece of homework per term. This task should take them between 1 and 2 hours to complete. Homework is set during lessons and recorded on ShowMyHomework which is available via the homepage. Students in years 10 & 11 have weekly homework tasks which are largely tailored individually in order to be relevant to their personal projects.

Social Media

If you would like to follow the Art Department on Twitter, here is our username: @BristolMetArt. Mrs Davidson regularly posts examples of student work and activities as well as information about exhibitions, trips and events.

Art Teachers also use the app, Pinterest which students in year 9, 10 and 11 are encouraged to use and follow as this is an excellent resource for GCSE Art and GCSE Photography. Teachers have created pin boards for each year group and all projects covered. To follow the Art Department search, Bristol Met Art.


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