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Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Key Stage Three students will deepen their understanding of the major world religions through the study of important beliefs, concepts and issues of moral authority. They apply their understanding of religious and philosophical beliefs, teachings and practices to a range of topics covered within the Met Learning Curriculum.

Across the two year Key Stage Three Religious Studies syllabus at BMA we investigate the beliefs, traditions and celebrations of the six major world faiths.

There is one fifty minute period of Religious Studies per week.

Terms One & Two 2015-16: The Problem of Evil and Suffering Students will consider the different types of suffering and evil in the world and how it is a problem for religious believers. Students will consider Christian, Muslim and Buddhist explanations for the origin of suffering and ways of dealing with suffering in the world.

Terms Three & Four 2015-16: Religious Perspectives on Animal Rights Students will  religious beliefs about the status of animals; the extent to which animals are different from humans and their relative value; religious views on animal rights and the means of protecting those rights; religious responses to the preservation of species from extinction;  the contemporary use and abuse of animals including: companionship, e.g. pets, guide dogs, animals in sport, transport and work, animal experiments,  farming of animals (including free range and factory farming),  zoos, hunting, bull fighting, the fur and ivory trades, genetic modification and cloning of animals, treatment of wildlife and issues concerning the slaughter of animals, meat, vegetarian and vegan diets.

Terms Five & Six 2015-16:  Religion and Young People Students will learn about birth and initiation ceremonies; the home, upbringing and spirituality and their role in decision-making and life choices, including formation of moral codes, relevance of religion;  activities of faith groups for young people, e.g. youth groups such as Brigades, worship, key celebrations and festivals; commitment – membership and/or coming of age ceremonies, e.g. confirmation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah; rights and responsibilities, including freedom of choice, relationships, rules;  problems and benefits associated with belief and young people and the role of schools, including Religious Studies, assemblies, faith schools.

Key Stage Four: Students can opt to study a full course GCSE qualification in Religious Studies. The course followed is AQA Specification B Units 2 and 3. The students will sit two examination papers; each paper is worth 50% of the final mark.


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