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We aim to open students’ eyes to our world, its landscapes, its people and to some of the important environmental issues that affect it.

Students learn about how places and environments are interdependent. They carry out geographical enquiries inside and outside the classroom and use a wide range of geographical skills and resources such as maps, satellite images and the internet. The Geography Department seeks to enable students to make sense of their world, and to understand how both human and physical processes shape it.

Geography is a contemporary and dynamic subject which addresses issues such as ‘Climate change’ ‘World Issues’ and ‘Globalisation’. These issues raise crucial questions about the sort of future society that we wish to create. Therefore it is extremely relevant for today’s school children. We encourage students to be inquisitive and to ask questions about landscapes, people and places and we help them to seek answers and explanations.

 Geography outline curriculum plan 2015-16

                             Revision guides for GCSE are available through the school at a cost of £3.

At Key Stage 3 students will discover the human and physical sides of our planet and how they are linked together. They will explore physical processes and how humans interact with their environment. Students study three topics each year starting with Geographical Skills, Landforms and Processes, and Changing Places in Year 7. Year 8 pupils will study Ecosystems, Population and Natural Hazards. Although each one may be more focused on either human or physical geography, there will be continuous links between both throughout all topics. A range of places, from local, to worldwide locations, will be incorporated as well as many opportunities to develop both literacy and numeracy.

At Key Stage 4 students will follow the AQA GCSE Geography specification A, where they will study a mix of both human and physical topics. This GCSE consists of 2 exams at the end of the course and one controlled assessment (25%) based on a river study. The controlled assessment element allows students to visit, record data in the field and analyse their findings about a river. The exams are split into a human paper (Changing urban Environments, Population and Tourism) and a physical paper (Restless Earth, Coasts and Rivers). Students will be entered for their appropriate tier of paper (higher – A*-D, Foundation C-G).


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