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Computer Studies

In response to a new National Curriculum for Computing in Secondary Schools, the department has rebranded to what is now called Computer Studies. KS3 student  attainment is mapped to this framework and levelled according to the progress they make in each of the following 3 strands: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

A full version of the National Curriculum can be viewed by following this link: Computing Progression Pathways


For the past two years the department has been delivering content to KS3 students through units of study which include basic computing skills, eSafety, digital manipulation and programming using both a visual programming language and a text based programming language.

The course is delivered on a themed project basis, encouraging students to develop games, websites and animations with a particular purpose and audience in mind.

There is now also an increased emphasis on the theoretical elements of computational processing and logical reasoning. Students will be required to know how a computer processes data, how and why computers use the binary number system when processing data, and gain skills in designing and programming simple algorithms.


In Year 9 the department offer 2 courses, GCSE Computing and the OCR Nationals in ICT. The GCSE option continues the KS3 course, going into greater detail about computer processing and programming. Whereas the ICT course is a more vocational offering looking into the use of information and communication technologies in a business and real world setting, along with some of the surrounding theoretical issues.


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